Shahjalal Masjid

Shahjalal Masjid was formed and donated back in 1987, the Masjid was donated by the local authorities whom the local community requested, and initially the authorities donated 1 porter cabin which catered for 30 – 40 worshippers, as the demand grew form the members of the local community, the local community requested another porter cabin and again the local authorities donated another porter cabin, this was one of the first Muslim Mosque and Community centre to open in the London Docklands, Poplar and Blackwall area.px;

Latest News

Mosque will be closed to the public, after Esha salah, 4th of November

Assalaam Alaikum, Respected Elders, Brothers and sisters,

With advice from Council of Mosques and what the Government outlined it had been decided to close Masjids to general public until further notice.

Our charity operations in the community will however continue as normal throughout.

So from the 4th of November after Esha Salaah we will regrettably close to general public.

This will inevitably mean that this week and until further notice Jummah will not take place at all as well.

**Please spare a thought towards the Masjids that will be in despair due to lack of funds in and around your own locality, many are not fortunate as others as they have large overheads in running costs than most.**

Please donate what you can when you can and to whomever you choose and support those that are in need.

Should your choice be ourselves then you can donate by transferring to

HSBC, Canary Wharf,
Shahjalal centre
Sort code: 40/02/44
Account: 91658441

Or via PayPal

In the meantime should there be any need to contact ourselves then please email:

May Allah (swt) give us the all the ability to keep our community safe, Ameen.