Shahjalal Masjid

Shahjalal Masjid was formed and donated back in 1987, the Masjid was donated by the local authorities whom the local community requested, and initially the authorities donated 1 porter cabin which catered for 30 – 40 worshippers, as the demand grew form the members of the local community, the local community requested another porter cabin and again the local authorities donated another porter cabin, this was one of the first Muslim Mosque and Community centre to open in the London Docklands, Poplar and Blackwall area.

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Shahjalal Masjid is now open


  • Perform your Wudu before coming to the Mosque.
  • Bring your prayer mat
  • Bring a bag for your shoes (you must keep your shoes with you at all times)
  • Wear a face mask at all times
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Poplar Shahjalal Masjid Covid-19 Appeal

We've served the community for 30 years providing vital services! We now need your help. The masjid has been serving the wider Poplar, Tower Hamlets and East London community for over 30 years providing vital service to all people of race & faith.

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