Shahjalal Masjid was formed and donated back in 1987, the Masjid was donated by the local authorities whom the local community requested, and initially the authorities donated 1 porter cabin which catered for 30 – 40 worshippers, as the demand grew form the members of the local community, the local community requested another porter cabin and again the local authorities donated another porter cabin, this was one of the first Muslim Mosque and Community centre to open in the London Docklands, Poplar and Blackwall area.

Back in 2010 opportunity was given to purchase the current land the Masjid resides on from the local council. The community rallied together raised the required funds and with the help of local councillors we were able to purchase the current land where the Masjid resides on, with a 99 year lease.

In 2014 planning application was submitted to develop the centre into a purpose build building, the council after  along feasibility study approved our planning application and we were given the go ahead to build the Masjid into a purpose built structure.

Alhamdulillah again the community rallied together venturing on various fundraising initiative from community football tournaments, car wash to gala dinner to raise the required funds. By the end of the first year we were able to raise enough funds to start the construction. By the time the masjid was fully completed and re-opened to the residents; most of the funds required to pay the construction company off by then was also raised.

In between for few months while the Masjid was closed we used the locality facilities from a local Muslees flat for five day prayer to community centre for Jumu’ah. The community stayed together raising awareness and raising the much needed funds required for the construction

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