Shahjalal Masjid

Shahjalal Masjid was formed and donated back in 1987, the Masjid was donated by the local authorities whom the local community requested, and initially the authorities donated 1 porter cabin which catered for 30 – 40 worshippers, as the demand grew form the members of the local community, the local community requested another porter cabin and again the local authorities donated another porter cabin, this was one of the first Muslim Mosque and Community centre to open in the London Docklands, Poplar and Blackwall area.

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Free legal advisory service

We at Poplar Shahjalal Centre are pleased to announce a free legal advisory service by a Panel of barristers and Solicitors on a monthly basis.

Advise and representation will be on

Welfare Law

1. Benefit check
2. Benefit appeals and representation in tribunals.
3. Utility grant and advice
4. Local authority Direct payment advice for carers.


1. Representing in repossesion matters and only if there is any merit in the case.
2. Debt advice, Bailiffs, money matters.

Special needs children school appeals

We will not be dealing with any criminal related matters.

The appointments will be on the last Sunday of every month and the first appointment will be on 29th of October 2023 @ 2pm. Please don’t forget it’s Strictly on an appointment basis.

Please contact 07931170624 and 07950598867.

Venue: Wigram House community Rooms, Wades place, London E14.

This is open to all Tower Hamlets residents

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Your contribution will help us to maintain the Mosque and develop the services we offer.

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