The centre caters for 300 worshippers at one time, the centre provides the service for 5 daily prayers, Jumu’ah, Eid Prayers and the Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan, the centre is opened 15 minutes before Jamaat time and usually closes 20 mins after Jamaat time, the service is mainly used by the local community, at times the local college which is very close to Masjid which also uses the service, on average about 100 people use this service per day.


At Shahjalal Centre, we provide part time Islamic studies to the younger Muslim generation aged between 5 – 14 years, the syllabus is designed to help the younger Muslim generation learn and practise their Deen with more love and affection. We also provide adult classes through out the year, various different Islamic Sciences are taught by different Scholars at the centre,  these classes varies from young adults to the older Muslim generation.