The Maktab system has been constructed by members of the community with guidance from ulama who are currently running established and successful Maktab systems in London. With the help of experienced ulama we have set up a syllabus that will help the young Muslim generation learn and practice the Deen more easily with love and affection. Insha Allah.

All parents wish for their children to enroll onto a Maktab system that will teach them the religion of Allah SWT and the teachings of the beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW. The committed brothers at the Shahjalal centre have constructed a system that will, Insha Allah, teach the emerging young Muslim generation how to live their lives in accordance to Islamic Shariah. We are committed in providing a service that will be for the betterment of the community at large.

We hope to teach various Islamic sciences at the Shahjalal centre and expect all the students to benefit and act upon the Islamic teachings they receive at the centre. We hope this will be a stepping stone in seeing the younger generation being successful in this life and in the hereafter-Ameen.

We hope the parents/guardians of the current and potential students co-operate fully to ensure that the child is benefiting from the Maktab. We have experienced teachers and staff to manage and maintain the smooth and efficient running of the Maktab.

We hope all parents understand the importance of giving their children Islamic knowledge at young age, as this will serve as a catalyst in helping them act upon the Shariah at a later stage in life where trials and tribulations await; and where Shaytan is after the total destruction of our hearts and minds.

This Maktab system has been designed so as to enable any student, after successful completion of level three, to enroll onto a full or part-time course at a higher Islamic institute. Our system will ensure that your child is capable of understanding the various Islamic sciences taught on a higher level at various Islamic institutes.